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We at Financial Planning Platform, the best financial advisor company in California, deliver exemplary financial services for a secured future. As a client, you will have access to the best investment advisors in the state.

There are several benefits to using a financial advisor to plan your businesses’ future. You can save time and money while diverting critical resources to the core functionalities of your business.

We cater to all types of clients, from sprawling enterprises to agile small businesses, FPP has got your covered! We have certified financial advisors who can take care of your financial responsibilities and reinforce your business plan. We adhere to the established fiduciary standard, so rest assured that you are in good hands.

We are considered one of the best financial advisors for small investors in California. We can help you with choosing the right tax plan, car or home insurance or a safe retirement plan just to name a few. We will have experienced financial advisors constantly in touch with you for helping you make an effective financial decision for your personal or professional future.

If you want a no-nonsense, fiduciary-compliant financial advisor firm to help you plan your fiscal future, do not hesitate to get in touch with Financial Planning Platform – we will get it done!

When I bought my first car, I, like most people, opted to stick with the default insurance policy with less than desirable results. Having bought a new car recently, I was looking to get extra peace of mind. That’s when I came across Paul from FPP. Compared to my friends, I got a really good deal! Now I drive around with the added safety net of a comprehensive car insurance (at a great price!). Jake Wade

Financial Planning & Insurance Services For Your Family & Business

Our customers’ interest come first, our goal is to offer you the best investment and insurance options available. 
college financial planning and loan services

College Funds

With the ever-increasing competition to get into a college of your dreams, the time to start saving for college is now. Whether it’s for your own college education, or for your family, FPP can give you the best college savings plan in California. Starting a college savings plan early-on is as important as the college you are considering for your future.

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401k and roth IRA services

401K & Roth IRA

Making plans for the future is always a smart decision, especially when it comes to planning out your retirement funding. Whether you choose a 401k, Roth IRA or both, you will need the right type of guidance to see which option will be the most lucrative and beneficial one for you.

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annuity service consultant


To stay safe in a rather unpredictable world, the best plans start with the decision to invest. You won’t just be investing, but investing safely, and reaping the benefits on a regular basis too. Pick the perfect annuity scheme for the betterment of yourself and your loved ones, and create a blanket of security that we will provide.

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life insurance provider california

Auto & Home Insurance

A vehicle and a home are marks of your achievements and successes. They are a necessity and provide utility to you and your family. So, why leave your precious investments to chance? Get in touch with us for the best home and auto insurance plans in California. Secure the future of your home and your vehicle against any damages due to unforeseen events.


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life insurance provider california

Life Insurance

Your life is extremely precious to you, to your family, and also to us. So, take no risks when it comes to their safety. We are one of the best life insurance advisors in California. We can assist you in making smart and calculated choices for yourself. With our life insurance plans, you are ensuring a risk-free future for you family, even when you’re not there to take care of them.

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retirement planning consultant services

Retirement Planning

After years of hard work and dedication, you deserve a retirement that feels less like a burden and more like a well-deserved break. If you are to retire, let us help you add more to your success. We offer great retirement plans in California that will make the rest of your journey feel like a vacation that you have rightfully earned.

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Go Ahead. Put Your Finances to Work.

If you are looking for the best investment planners in California, then Financial Planning Platform is the horse to bet on. Whether you need assistance with planning college funds or investing in a retirement plan, we’ve got all the options you’ll ever need.

college fund loan services

Planning Ahead

It pays to plan ahead. With the Financial Planning Platform overseeing your childrens college fund, or your retirement, you can feel safe knowing you’re in good hands.

financial planning consultant

Financial Diversity

With the Financial Planning Platform, comes a diverse group of financial and insurance providers who can offer you the best options.

auto insurance california

Insuring Your Life, Family, & Assets

We can never be too safe these days. Having insurance for your family, home, and auto – means you can sleep good at night, knowing you’re covered.

financial advisor services

Understanding Your Finances

Sitting down with a Financial Planning Platform financial and insurance advisor can help you figure out the best options for your current situation. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Financial Planning And Are There Steps To Ensure A Secure Financial Future?
It is the process of framing financial strategies with relation to an individual’s procurement, investment and management of funds of an enterprise. Basically, the main aim of financial planning is to give people maximum efficiency when utilizing their funds over the entire course of life and after it.

The cornerstones of proper financial planning are

  • Defining Capital
  • Strategizing Capital Structure
  • Generating/Determining optimal financial policies
  • Maximum utilization of available finances

A simple 5 step procedure for comprehensive and effective financial planning would be

  1. Evaluating current financial status of the individual
  2. Determining the optimal financial goals
  3. Segregation and evaluation of alternative action plans
  4. Implementation of optimal financial action plan
  5. Iteration and revision of active if required financial action plan

Questions That You Should Be Asking Your Financial Planner
There are a number of questions that you should be asking financial advisors, especially because they are dealing with critical facets of your personal and professional life. These are some of the important questions that you need to get clarity on.

Are you a fiduciary?

This is possibly the most important question that you need an answer to. And the answer should be either a yes or a no, without beating around the bush. Ideally, you should only work with financial advisors who are fiduciaries. If the financial planner you are in touch with isn’t a true fiduciary advisor, then you need to ask detailed questions about why they are recommending a fund or investment. This is because when if your advisor is a broker, they would be incentivized to sell certain products which may or may not be the best first choice for you.

How and how much do you charge for your financial planning services?

You need to know how the financial advisor’s payment structure works. Ask them if they charge an initial planning fee or is it a percentage for assets under management, or they get a commission from selling you a specific product. Be candid about it and expect candid answers. This will help you determine if they have an incentive to sell you policies as well as how much they are going to charge you.

What credentials like licenses or other financial certifications do you hold?

There are distinct types of certified financial advisors and you need to know which of these the financial advisor you’re consulting is. The different types of certifications are certified financial planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), registered investment advisor (RIA), certified public account (CPA) and personal financial specialist (PSF).

What are the services that your firm provides?

This is an obvious question but also something that a lot of people don’t ask. This question also helps you figure out what you cannot expect from your financial advisor. The best financial advisors have tax planning, insurance, estate planning and retirement planning.

What to Look For In A Financial Advisor?
These highlight the qualities that can make a financial advisor feel right for you. While a lot of people just rely on gut instinct, it also helps if the financial advisors you’re consulting has these qualities going for them.


Your own personal network should be able to give you a few good suggestions because of how important financial advisory services have become to everyone.


You need to check how experienced your financial planner is and if they align with your financial assistance needs and requirements.

Types of fees (Transparency)

You need to clarify with your financial advisor about what fees they are going to charge you. This is important because there are several categories and types of fees out there like 12b(1) Fee, Surrender Charge, Back-End Fee, Wrap Fee, and Performance Compensation.

When Should You Hire A Financial Advisor?
Nearing or In Retirement

Retirement is a critical part of your life and you should do your best to be prepared for it. Having a competent financial planning firm backing you can do a lot of good for you in this phase.
These are the questions that you should be asking yourself before you retire:

  • Do I have enough savings to retire?
  • When is the right time to file social security and how do I do it?
  • How do I decide on the best way to withdraw various retirement accounts to meet my requirements and last me as long as possible?

All these questions govern your lifestyle post retirement and they can be much easier to answer when you have a qualified, professional financial advisor by your side.

Verge of a family

If you are about to start a family – getting married or having kids – there are several unseen challenges that can rise which you would be able to set right with a financial planner. From new expenses that arise, to unifying finances, to getting life insurance, college planning and estate planning – it becomes a whole new ballgame! Professional financial planners will help you set things in the right order, so things will fall into place.

High earner or high net worth category

If you caught your big brake professionally and you are just overwhelmed by the financial decisions you’re facing, you’d do well to get the services of a financial advisor. They can guide you through pitfalls and get you to the best investment options for a secure financial future.

Specific financial requirements

You are in a situation that only people who are specialized with finance can help you out of. For example, you came across a windfall close to your retirement and now you’d like to reevaluate your retirement options in your best interests. This would definitely take a financial planner who’s versed with different retirement investment options as well as estate planning to give you a good option to invest in.

Are There Different Types Of Financial Advisors?
Yes, and depending on the type of financial advisor you are talking to, you are able to find out if they can help you with planning your financial future.

Brokers and Insurance Agents

Brokers or insurance agents may not be your best bet for actionable financial advice. They are motivated to just make a sale and may not have your best interests when recommending you a product.

Fee-Based Financial Advisors

Financial advisors who fall under this category usually tend to have a hybrid model of business. Which means they not just earn compensation from the fees paid by clients on recommended portfolios, they also receive discounts or commissions from the same products. This model of compensating with up-front sales loads also isn’t optimal for you.

Fee only Financial Advisors/Planners

Financial planners who operate under this model only earn compensation through client fees. They are registered advisors who are under fiduciary responsibility to deliver what is in the best interest of their clients. Which means they aren’t obligated to sell you a particular type of policy or product just for the sake of their own gain. Fee only financial advisors usually charge a percentage of the investments they manage or sometimes might even be hourly.

Registered Investment Advisors

Registered Investment Advisors are professional and independent advisors who are not affiliated with banks, brokerage houses or insurance companies. RIAs also offer the same level of professional financial services as do fee only financial advisors. As independent advisors they are legally bound to serve your interests and are held to the highest standard of care as fiduciaries. Fee only and Registered financial advisors are your best bet to a secured financial future.

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I was fast approaching retirement and was worried about what shape my finances would be in when I did. When I got in touch with FPP, they were courteous and listened to everything I said. I remember I walked out of there with a smile that day and it feels great to have this issue sorted!


best financial adviser services
Considering how expensive education has become, we were looking out for someone who was competent enough to give us a plan which didn’t involve cutting back too much. I’m really glad to say Paul delivered and now we have our kids studying in prestigious universities.


the best retirement planner in california
I always thought a life insurance is something that no one opts for. I chanced upon FPP’s website and opted for a free consultation. Paul made sure that I understood the benefits of having life insurance to make the most of my savings. Now I’m proud to say I’ve got full coverage!


the best financial planning service in california

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