Countless hours are spent every day on the application process for college financial aid. In the world today, there are a lot of places one can go to for advice. A good internet search, a friend or neighbor, or even a visit to the bank can land you a good deal. However, a lot of conflicting advice is being offered and one could end up making the wrong decision if they’re not careful. If you need college financial aid in the San Bernardino area, take a look at how we can help you today.

Special precautions have to be taken when dealing with financial aid, which includes student loans, grants and scholarships, among others. So the question comes up, how do you find the right college aid advisor? Here are some helpful questions to ask and investigate before hiring an advisor.

1. Are They Registered?

Certification, licensing and credentials are of the utmost importance. A good advisor is registered with the relevant organizations that regulate how they operate. A simple search on their website will reveal these details, which will help a lot in eliminating fraudulent advisors. Well-educated advisors are a guarantee of quality service.

2. What Do They Charge For Their Service?

While searching for a good financial aid advisor, it is very important to take into consideration how much they charge and what long term implications will come with their service. Some advisers offer long term service with a yearly retainer fee, while others charge per hour or per service agreed upon. If one cant afford to pay for a personal financial aid advisor, some schools will provide the service, free of charge, provided you join their college. It all depends on which service you want and how much you can afford.

3. What Services Do They Offer?

Finding specialists in the are you seek is an added advantage. Most financial aid advisors and their firms will do almost everything for you. They will profile a package, plan with detailed timelines, apply for the aid, and analyze and manage the funds throughout your college life. This will make things much easier in the long term, if their service charge is bearable.

4. Is Their Service Friendly?

After thorough research is complete, it is always a good idea to visit a potential advisor’s office in order to have a face to face conversation. Having a list of at least three advisors is recommended at this stage. When you arrive at their offices, you can listen to them in person, which helps to note how well they understand your situation. Asking as many questions as possible will shed light on their friendliness level and help you understand their services with more clarity.

5. Are They Reliable?

If an advisor is reliable, his/her service will begin in a timely manner and they will always be available for support every time they are needed. When you need a meeting with them, they must be accessible and well informed with any new information in the aid sector.


It is extremely important to compile a well-researched list of financial aid advisors, since this is your hard-earned money you are handing over for a specific purpose. Choosing the right advisor for you is just a matter of suitability and preference. One could also explore the option of recommendations for the best one from friends or family.

Making the right choice will ensure that no unnecessary expenditures are attached to your funds. It will also help in planning ahead, especially if there are any repayments to be made. Financial aid advisors have developed more services over the years, most of which have made the application process less tedious, hence eliminating stress for the aid applicants.