Planning your finances can be a task, especially when there are so many options in the market to choose from and you aren’t too sure of what might be the best one for you. Allocating your funds into the right schemes at the right times, and also with the right people or institutions, is what will ensure that your hard earned accrues interest and converted into valuable savings that will secure you financially – not just now but in the future as well. With an array of schemes, both private and government endorsed available in the market, your decision must be a well-researched and informed one.

Financial Calculators are extremely useful tools that help you with breaking down your options and also segregating your funds into different priorities, depending on what exactly your money goals are. Here’s a short summary of what each Calculator:

  • The College Saving Calculator is a great guide for budding students who want to take up a college education, but are not too sure of how much they need to save and what are the different plans that are available to help them with this. Plans like 529 Savings plans are a great option for anyone who wants to keep funds aside for college, and the calculator aids with guiding them in the right direction.
  • The Cash Flow Calculator is for already established individual entrepreneurs and Businesses that want to keep a close check on their cash transactions and also on the liquidity of their funds and their Net Worth in the current market. The calculator helps with assessing these facts and figures for them.
  • The Insurance Calculator is instrumental in helping you choose the right insurance scheme and/or policy for your purpose and help you secure your future financially, specifically for your monetary requirements.
  • For people looking to invest their funds and gain sizeable returns from it, the Investment Calculator analyses their financial position and helps them choose the best, most effective investment option. This calculator is a great tool to browse through the umpteen options that are currently available in the market.
  • Retirement planning is something that everyone must do, especially if they’re looking to secure themselves after retirement and ensure that they can live a comfortable lifestyle without having to struggle. The Retirement Calculator comes into the picture here as a guide to opting for the best retirement plan and optimizing the process of contributing towards it.
  • The Savings Calculator is just the right instrument to help anyone devise a strategic way to keep aside a portion of their funds as savings that can later come to their aid or even bail them out of any situation. This particular calculator is useful for absolutely anyone and is a good way to start planning a foolproof savings agenda.

Calculators are nothing but accurate guides that have been created by professionals who have expertise in intricate financial matters and can successfully help you with any queries that you might be having about handling your funds.