Cash Flow Calculator

A cash flow statement in instrumental to analyzing how much cash is coming in and out of a company through business deals and transactions. It also helps with understanding where the company stands in terms of liquidity and usable cash for expenses in the future. A cash flow statement is usually drawn on an annual basis and helps with drawing up a Business Valuation.

Cash flow statements are also vital to calculate the Net Worth of an individual or a company in the current market, which again can be used for various other valuations. Cash flow specifically works with transactions that are paid for immediately and not on a credit basis. This is why credit transactions are usually recorded separately, before being merged for a final and total accounting cycle at the end of a financial year. This statement is a very crucial part of maintaining the financial records not just for a company or institution, but also for individuals and sole proprietors as well. It also serves as an important document that can be used to attach credibility to the account holder on the basis of their Total Net Worth. A cash flow calculator aids with and simplifies the process of calculating a cash flow statement.

The following calculators are useful to understand what your New Worth is, what the current valuation of your business is and so on.

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