College Savings Calculator

Getting into a good college to secure a degree is essential in today’s world, especially as the career market gets competitive and tough to make a mark in. A college education today has a considerable value and can fetch a student a good job. This is probably why there have been many institutions and colleges that have come up over the years and are offering various courses that students can choose from. While the decision to choose the right course is very crucial, it is also equally important to get college funds arranged to support college education. It can be quite an expensive affair; hence a good plan for saving money is required.

This is where a calculator comes in; to help students assess how much money they need to keep aside and how they can do this. There are different schemes like 529 Savings Plans which aid students with keeping funds ready for college. Students can also opt to take up lucrative schemes under Student Loans, which they can pay off once they secure a job after college. Students are also encouraged to keep a College Budget ready, to help them get through the tenure with their money allocated to all the right priorities.

Use the following calculators to understand what a 529 Savings plan is, how you can pay back your student loan and more.

How much should I be saving for college?

What are the advantages of a 529 college savings plan?

What is the value of a college education?

Will I be able to pay back my student loans?

Simple Student Budget Calculator