Affordable Auto and Home Insurance In California

A home and an automobile are sources of pride and joy, not just for you but for the entire family. Most people are on minimal coverage and they are seldom aware of it. A more comprehensive insurance policy is required to protect you from several other threats that loom around

Stay Protected with the Best Home and Auto Insurance Plans

At FPP we understand that you want nothing less than the best when it comes to protecting your home and your automobile. We can guide you to choose exactly what you need when it comes to both these types of insurance.

Auto Insurance

While it is mandatory for anyone who owns an automobile to have insurance, this is very basic and hardly covers expenses in real-life situations. When you read the fine print, basic coverage often will not extend to collision, fire, and theft. Experienced financial advisors at FPP can help you get the best auto insurance coverage you need for your car. We have a quick and easy to fill online car insurance form you can use to let us know your requirements.

What most people are not aware of is that auto insurance varies depending on the choice of coverage, deductibles, kind of vehicle and ages of drivers in the family. What this means is that you have choices and you should get in touch with the experts from FPP to get you optimal auto insurance coverage when it comes to your car.

Home Insurance

In the wake of several catastrophes that have been running amok globally, house insurance has become more important than ever. We can suggest comprehensive home insurance policies that have the best chance of protecting you against the nature’s fury or lawsuits should someone be injured on your property. We can give you the best home insurance quotes which will give you complete coverage from the elements and circumstance.

Most basic home insurance policies only cover your home for 50 to 75% of the amount for which it is insured. Our best home insurance policy suggestions are based on several factors. If you are in an area which is susceptible to earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes you might need to extend your coverage for a better protection package.

Talk to us and step in for free consultation at any of our offices in California. We will give you the best insurance plans to protect your car and your home from catastrophes.

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