FPP was established to help families and business owners all over California, make the most of their money. From 401k roll-overs, to saving for college, FPP provides the security, stability, and profitability for your family and business.

Retirement is a dicey situation, and I was looking to maximize my savings. FPP made sure that they got me the retirement plan I wanted.


When I bought my first car, I, like most people, opted to stick with the default insurance policy with less than desirable results. Having bought a new car recently, I was looking to get extra peace of mind. That’s when I came across Paul from FPP. Compared to my friends, I got a really good deal! Now I drive around with the added safety net of a comprehensive car insurance (at a great price!).

Jake Wade

I was one of those people who graduated college got a job and had no idea about how to manage my finances. Thanks to FPP, they gave me a lot of options for investing wisely, and now I feel secure and protected!


If any of you are looking for a quick and effective solution to your financial problems, I definitely recommend giving FPP and Paul a look. He goes the extra mile to make sure that you can rest easy when it comes to your financials.

Jacob Kim

I’d just bought my first house and was scouring the insurance market for good deals. FPP managed to catch my attention. I took them up on their free consultation and to date that’s one of the best decisions I’ve made with my house in mind. They were an affable bunch and were well-informed with current market trends and numbers. I got just the coverage I was looking for!

Sergio Graves